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About Us

Eye Care Africa is an initiative guided by our core values of excellence, integrity and godly compassion along with our conviction that the people of Africa deserve more than they have gotten so far.

Founded  in Nigeria 1999,our aims include provision of free, high quality eye care including surgical services to poor underserved communities in Africa especially Nigeria’s Niger Delta.

Provision of free reading glasses in poor underserved communities
Working with relevant bodies to integrate Eyecare into primary health care

Our Strategy

  • Short term medical mission trips
  • On the job training of community based health staff at project sites
  • Support the training of Ophthalmologists
  • Retraining and update courses for Ophthalmologists, Ophthalmic nurses and other eye care team members
  • Education of the blind on rehabilitation and resources
  • The organization works with volunteer Ophthalmologists,
    Optometrist, Ophthalmic nurses, Administrators, Government organizations Non governmental organizations and Socially responsible Corporate bodies.

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We the Trustee of Eyecare Africa committed themselves to the following objectives.

  • To take essential eye care services including surgical services to under-served, poor, rural communities of Africa. Special attention is paid to the delivery of high volume, high quality cataract surgery within rural communities.

  • To extend free glaucoma screening services to high risk populations at designated centres to be set up in various African countries wherever our volunteers live or practice.

  • To offer free treatment and preventive services aimed at eliminating the main causes of avoidable blindness in the various regions of African.

  • To offer promotional eye health education services by drawing the attention of Governments at all levels and creating awareness among the people of blinding eye diseases as at a public health problem. Attention would also be given to community based rehabilitation of the incurably blind.

  • To support research into blindness and local blinding diseases with a view to developing cost effective community based interventional strategies of promoting optimal eye health and preventing blindness.

  • To work towards the integration of eye care into the framework of Primary Health Care in countries where same exists. Special attention will be given to the development of a referral system and to strengthening existing health systems.

  • To support the Vision 2020 programmes of the various states and districts within our areas of operation.

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Our Achievements

  • One Ophthalmologist trained
  • Eleven Ophthalmologists re-trained in suture less small incision cataract surgery
  • Fifty two community health care workers retrained for Eyecare.
  • Over seventy thousand eye patients seen and treated.
  • Over two thousand cataract surgeries already performed


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Organisations we have worked with

These Organizations have supported our works over the years

  • *Hope for the blind
  • *Amaranth Foundation
  • *SEE International
  • *Niger Delta Development Commission
  • *DrUMM
  • *National Programme for Prevention of Blindness
  • *Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria


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Our Mission:

To provide an ethical and first class eye care service through a commitment to our communities and our core values of excellence, integrity and godly compassion.



















Eye Care Africa